Business/Management Consulting

The owners of SBD-TI have experience starting new Businesses, purchasing and turning around companies, as well as managing the day to day operations of businesses in the Media, Retail and IT Sectors. From analyzing your financial statements to preparing a detailed 5 year business plan, let us help you take your organization to the next level of performance. Ask about our free 1 hour consultation.

e-Business Consulting

People are more likely to check a business’s website online before they call for information. eBusiness or eCommerce is Defined as “ The process of buying of selling goods over the internet.” The main categories of eBusiness are, (Simple) posting your email, address, phone number on your website, (partial Interactive) displaying your products or product lines on your website, and (Completely interactive) selling products on your website. Every business needs be involved in one of these categories. Do you need to enhance your web presence? Are you looking to augment your sales and marketing with the internet? Do you need to facilitate working with your suppliers, partners and customers? Do you want to expand your markets globally? We can help. Ask about our free 1 hour consultation.


How many times does your staff enter new client information into your business computers? Wouldn’t it be great to enter your new client’s information once and then have all your other business computers updated automatically? We are collaboration experts. Let us show you how you can break down communication barriers and enhance your business and bottom line. If you are currently a Lotus Domino customer, our 16 years of experience will help you use the product effectively. Do you have an IBM Server? The software needed to enhance your organization is most likely waiting to be used. Are you running a small business network and want to become more productive? Ask about our free 1 hour consultation.


Are you satisfied with your website? Tired of waiting for your Web Provider to post your new information? Would you like to Remotely Post information to your website without being afraid of taking it down or destroying the site? Talk to us and as for about our free 1-hour consultation. Are you an e-Business? Your systems need to be fast and reliable. Our Fiber Optical based hosting facility will keep your systems up and running. A wide array of options and services are available. Best of all, your system is just "down the street" or “On your Computer Screen” and available when you need it. Ask about our free 1 hour consultation.

Media/Public Relations Services

If you deal with the Public you need a Public Relations plan. If you purchase advertising you need a Media Plan. The question is how detailed a plan does your business need. SBD-TI’s partners have over 35 years experience in the Media/Public relations field. Ask about our free 1 hour consultation.