Lotus Sametime

Instant messaging (IM), Web conferences, VoIP, video chats, and more Lotus Sametime is used by over two dozen companies with more than 100,000 users and 29 of the Global Fortune 50, twelve out of the top fifteen worldwide banks, eight out of the top ten worldwide pharmaceutical firms, four of the five most profitable companies in the world and small businesses with 2 and 3 employees.

Yes, Lotus Sametime is successfully being used by many organizations in the Quad Counties. Ask how the Rural Nova Scotia Sametime program can connect your employees and your business to other Quad County organizations.

IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Standard software, the IBM award-winning and market-leading platform for unified collaboration and communication (UC²™), offers integrated, Instant Messaging, VoIP, video chats, Web conferencing, and audio integration options -- combined with the security features required for business use.

Lotus Sametime Standard software is the upgrade/entitlement path for customers who are entitled for previous releases of Lotus Sametime software.

Instant Messaging and Web conferencing software for organizations of all sizes

Lotus Sametime software can help organizations communicate more effectively, reduce travel costs and burdens, decrease response times, and improve customer service.

In addition, Lotus Sametime software also provides an answer for organizations concerned about the security and compliance risks associated with the unmanaged use of public Instant Messaging networks.

Lotus Sametime Standard software can help organizations of all sizes to:

· resolve problems & questions through clear, high-quality communications
· access global teams in real time
· communicate quickly with almost anybody (where regulation permits and with policy controls in place)
· create relationships with colleagues around the world
· work with others as if they are in the same room
· offer access to the expertise and tacit knowledge throughout the organization
· provide all of this within a security-rich system that can help minimize risk and promote regulatory compliance

Capabilities that are ready for business

Lotus Sametime Standard software supports a wide variety of server operating systems (including Linux), and a provides support for a wide variety of clients -- including Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and many supported mobile devices.

Lotus Sametime Standard software’s capabilities include:
· enterprise IM and presence
· rich text, time stamps, spell check and emoticons
· multi-way chat
· built-in VoIP and point-to-point video
· integration with e-mail and desktop productivity applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and IBM Lotus Notes
· optional file transfer
· integrated chat histories
· location awareness
· contact list with type-ahead and search
· contact Business cards
· managed interoperability with supported public IM networks
· Web conferencing
· integration with supported audio, video, and telephony systems