Lotus Quickr

Team collaboration software that helps you share content, collaborate and work faster online with your teams.

IBM® Lotus® Quickr™ is team collaboration software that can help you access and interact with the people, information and project materials you need to get your work done.

Lotus Quickr has a rich set of features such as content libraries to share everyday business files, team discussion forums and blogs to facilitate communications, wikis that let you author and edit content in place together, and connectors that help make sharing easier than ever right from your favorite desktop software such as IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Lotus Sametime, IBM Lotus Symphony, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.


· Content libraries: quickly organize and share content.
· Team places: create online places for projects or teams.
· Connectors: work where you are without switching applications.
· Content repositories: security-rich places on your Lotus Quickr server where Lotus Quickr libraries and team content are stored.
· Templates: use pre-built team places to get started fast.
· Personal file sharing: create your personal content library online with Lotus Quickr Entry. · RSS / ATOM feeds: stay up to date and in the know.


IBM Lotus Quickr is easy-to-use, intuitive software that can provide you with the following potential benefits:

· Work more effectively with project teams and work groups, including teams that span multiple geographies, time zones, and even include external members.
· Eliminate or reduce duplication of efforts and content inconsistencies.
· Share, access and collaborate on team content that is the most up-to-date.
· Focus valuable resources on solving business problems, leveraging new ideas, and reducing time to market.
· Empower teams to set up and manage their information and projects in a security-rich environment without requiring IT assistance.
· Provide an effective alternative to e-mail for storing and managing content – cut down on e-mail overload.

Quickr Demo